Password required popup freqently pops up

I have been using emClient for many years and in the last month or two it often has the Password required popup and I click Ok and it then pops up again and again and again (maybe 10-15 times). After many attempts it connects and syncs emails.

I have only seen since the upgrade to9.2.2157.0

I have removed and added back the account but I still see the same thing. It most often occurs after the computer has been in sleep mode however it does occur just in normal use sometimes.

I have two hotmail accounts using the same active sync/exchange setting and on one it occurs much less frequently.

To test things out I also installed bluemail and used the same account settings for the exchange server/active sync and this never had any issues over a month of testing with both running at the same time.

Any ideas ?

Unfortunately you can no longer login using a username/password, nor can you use a free MS account setup as Exchange. Please see:

Ok thanks - It’s odd that it continues to connect after a few attempts. If it was because the have disabled it then I would expect never to connect unless there is a some load balancing between server at the backend a few servers still allow the login. I would of also expected bluemail to have the same issue but it does not. I also have bluemail on my phone and that has been working fine.

Can I easily go back to the previous version of emClient to see it make a difference ?