password/authentication problem

All of a sudden, eM client is saying “password required, authentication failed, invalid credentials” and won’t connect to my gmail account. My gmail is valid and has the same credentials as before. I have no other accounts connected to eM client. How do I correct this?

Having the same problem here, was working fine and now it won’t open anything.

Same issue here.

Sounds like it might be something that’s happening wide spread.

Think i’m back in, it’s certainly stopped asking me for it every 2 seconds.

Problem is still there. SSL access it seems.

same here!!!

something very critical happened - looks like Google changed something

I’d just switched today from Outlook to emclient, soooo much better and faster, now this!

Happy to wait it out, seems a great program so far.

Things are back ok on my end. Kept pressing OK, with the correct password and after about the 15th time, it accepted it and “so far” hasn’t been a pain.

Does sound like a Gmail/Google issue rather than a client one.

Same here. Working, not working, working… and so on.
Not yet solved

please create application specific password in Google and enter the same in emclient. it works…

It says this issue has been answered, where is the answer? I have this same issue and it is really annoying.

I solved the problem! Go to your calendar in the left panel, right click, select “properties,” select the “repair” tab, and click “repair.” This will resync you Google calendar entries. This brought back all my old and future events.

It was a mix of Google account related problems where most of them was caused by Google itself or by two step verification. What error message are you getting? Could you please post it here? Thank you.

This is a repost…but worth sharing. If you use Google/Gmail 2-step authorization, then you will need to generate a new password that only emClient will use. Do this through your gmail account settings: Account - Security(tab) - 2-step verification(settings) - App Specific Passwords - Manage app specific passwords - (generate one for emClient).

Also, you may have to authorize your computer as well (you probably already did that when you enabled 2-step authentication at some point).