Part of received email missing

I’ve seen this referenced on an older post without a definitive answer.

It has happened that I receive email messages with missing parts, usually forwarded. These are probably cases where the original sender uses apple mail client based on what I’ve read on the forums.

I’m using the Em Client 7 pro version for work and this has led to situations where I’ve re-requested materials that were already sent to me and professionally this was not ideal… I like Em Client very much and I was planning to upgrade but instead I had to abandon it for now since I’m afraid I could miss vital information this way.

Outlook, thunderbird and mailbird are all displaying the email correctly including formatting. It’s not a viable option for me to turn on plain text for every email. Also I obviously cannot start instructing new clients to change their email software compatibility settings.

I would like to know if there are any plans to implement solutions to this problem and how often can I expect this behavior, is every such email immediately problematic?

Normally the received message collapses the forwarded part of the original message under three dots. Clicking on the dots reveals the text. This is a function of the conversation feature, and can be disabled in Menu > View > Conversations > Disable conversations.

If you have a Pro License purchased with the past 12 months, you can open a support ticket directly with eM Client. They will be able to assist you further.

I’m aware of the “three dot” functionality, that is not the case in this instance. It’s been over a year since I purchased the licenses so unfortunately no Pro support anymore.

Checked with free EM Client 8 version and it’s working correctly. Thanks Gary.


That is great news indeed. :smiley:

Still face this issue in 9.2.1222

If you open the source text, it seems as if there are some elements that causes eM Client to omit the rest of the mail, or to be more precise, these parts will show up as attachment.htm attached to the e-mail, instead of being directly visible.

From what i can tell, this is problematic: “=EF=BF=BC”

It most likely originates from Apple Mail and i believe it is related to copy and paste commands by the sender. It shows up correctly on any other mail client though.

It is suuuuuper annoying and made me miss some important client information several times already, as it is not always obvious.

Please have a look at this again!