Part of Email Text Missing in EM Client but show elsewahere

I had a really bizarre problem yesterday. I had read an email on my phone earlier, and saw that there were two paragraphs. Later when I got on my computer to open up the email the second paragraph was missing. Thinking I was mistaken I looked at my phone again and it’s there. I forwarded the message to myself from my phone and the message I received was complete. I viewed the original message on and it is complete. EM Client still show the message truncated.

This really scares me. I use EM Client for business. What else might I have missed?

I suspect the problem will be the source / sender of the email how it was created. eg: Some sent emails are in Non Standard mail formatting and EM Client i suspect is just trying to interpret it.

Is the sender using eg: Apple Mail ? Also are you using EM Client for Windows or Mac & what version ?

EM Client for Windows version 8.0.2951.

I checked the source for the original email, and yes, it looks like she is using Apple mail. This is a problem for me. This is a new client and I hope I haven’t missed anything important.

@Barbara_Collins1 Apple mail format tends to be very custom mail format, and really (only displays 100% correctly) in Apple Mail program on Mac. I haven’t seen Apple mail on EMC for Mac as yet.

Standard html mailers like EM Client and others try and interpret the Apple Mail format the best they can, but don’t always manage to display everything correctly.

All i can suggest is to try the latest version of EMC V8.0.3385.0 for Windows via the version history page to see if it helps.

Note:- If the latest version of EMC makes no difference, i don’t think there is really anything you can do other than viewing those emails online via a browser.

Thanks! I will try getting the latest update. Funny I did not get an alert, and when I click Check for Updates it says there are none.

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Hi @Barbara_Collins1

This won’t help your problem though may help you understand what is going on.
We appraise all our client company sysadmins of this and cover any possible unforseen eventualities with a contact disclaimer before we accept them as clients.

With Apple Mail the sender cannot alter the way the recipient’s email client decides to format email message.
If recipients are using a 3rd party client, (not Apple Mail) then it is known they completely hack the email.
There are some workarounds, if that is the case.
The sender needs to make sure they have Windows Friendly and Attachments set in the Edit>Attachments menu.
When composing an email, change the font when you begin composing. If you leave the default (Apple) font without changing it, the message is interpreted as plain text by the recipient client. It then uses its default display font of a particular client.
If you really need a message displayed exactly as you intend, create a PDF and send that.
In explanation…
Email dates back to the very start of the Internet and was originally only able to support ASCII with no formatting. Over time email changed with now three main content types, plain text ( ASCII), Rich Text Format (RTF), and HTML same as a web-browser. However just as various word-processors will show slightly different results for the same RTF, and just as different web-browsers show slight or even significant different results for the same web-page code different email clients can show different results. Even different versions of the same client all running in Windows / macOS can produce different results.

Even though there are rules and standards that should help the reality is that many email clients implement the rules differently or make outright errors in doing so.
Apple Mail has been particularly bad at this and still is.

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That’s not a workaround for me. I have no way to know who is sending me emails through Apple Mail.

I did just do a test, and checked off the box that says “Read all Emails in Plain Text”. The rest of her email now shows, but I don’t like that for everybody else. Wish I could do that for just one recipient.

But my problem is I won’t know when I need to view them in a browser. If I have to view all my incoming messages in a browser, then why use EM Client?

Of course, the proper answer would be for emClient to implement an option in contacts to tell it to treat all emails from a particular contact as “Plain Text”. Then you could leave the default as HTML and for any chosen contacts you could specify that you want them to be treated as “Plain Text”.

That would be the best solution to the Apple Mail issue as no-one is going to get apple to fix it at their end.

Good luck asking emClient for them to add that as a “Feature” - There are some feature requests that have not been implemented from years back (even though they were seemingly pretty popular). emClient is not really in the habit of listening to its customers (paid or free) in terms of such requests but give it a shot if you feel so inclined :slight_smile: otherwise - you are right - for you there seems little point in using emClient. Give Thundebird a shot and see if it manages any better or even (dare I mention its name Oooootlook).

Nooo. I hate Outlook. Thunderbird is not bad but I have been using EMClient since version 6 and like it better.

And just to add to the conversation. Yes Thunderbird does display the email correctly, so I think EM Client should too. But I do still like EM Clients UI much better. I have about 10 email address I track,

Looking at the email in Thunderbird I see a line like there are two sections. Does that yield any clues?