Parse errors when starting eM Client

Hello all, new to the forum!

I’m testing eM Client (7.2.38732.0) and i imported all my The Bat database through several *.eml and *.mbox transfers. Apart some *.eml files that were not correctly seen by eM Client (problem fixed by importing them through *.mbox format) now imported everything but i keep getting some errors on some emails when starting the app or switching it back online.

They are of two type:

  • parse error: date out of range
  • maximum literal size exceeded
    Searching the forum i seen that this is no new issue, but the last thread that i read about this topic was of a few years ago if i recall correctly, and without answer.
    What can i do to address this issue? I fear that eM Client can corrupt its database, i need to be sure it’s sure to keep things into it.

Thanks! Umberto

First thing i would do is a Backup of EM Client in-case the mail database does get corrupted. Go to “Menu / File / Backup” 

Searching Google “maximum literal size exceeded” appears to relate to specific (email attachments) that exceed the new mail client limits.

Well yes, my archive is always under backup on a NAS. My concern were only for DB corruption that may be frequent due to software malfunction. But eM Client looks strong on this side for now. The Bat became annoying on latest releases due to recurring bugs that require an entire year to be fixed… until the next payed release. I’m fed.

I tried to install the V8 beta and all errors disappeared. So maybe the V8 addressed this kind of issue (failing emails didn’t look so much big). But i don’t know if it’s safe to use the beta version for now, and i restored the backup and restarted using V7.

But what i seen on the beta sold me. Think i will become a customer.

Yes the Beta V8 is safe to use. The only thing with Betas is that you may find a few glitches till its officially released i believe around May sometime. If you want to continue to use the Beta, just keep doing the latest V8 Beta release updates via -

Note:- Always uninstall the old one prior to installing the new Beta and (when you uninstall) when it says do you want to delete the database, click (No) so it keeps your exiting database setup / config when you install the updated Beta version. Then i all ways do a new backup again.

Well i’ll install the beta then. I love especially the attachments browser, very clever (and the speed, and the ui… well more or less everything).

Thanks for your support Cyberzork!

Yes, the new Attachment section is really great. It is missing a few features, but I am already using it regularly.

One of the best new features in a long time!