Paralyzing surprise shift to the right. How do I stop it?

When simply opening emails one after another, suddenly the whole column of them will shift to the right. Blank circles next to them appear. I can select ALL or individual circles … I want NEITHER. I just wan t to read my emails. I can’ that. I can only close the program and start all over. How do I stop the surprise shift to the right that paralyzes my reading my emails ?

Not quite sure what you are describing.

What column is shifting to the right?

Could you maybe provide a screenshot showing this shift and also indicate what these circles are?

Well, that’s a mobile app, so it can’t be eM Client. 

The logo is surprisingly similar. :wink:

It’s my AIRMAIL not EM client access to my email!
Very sorry! I’ll ask the AIRMAIL folks my question.

Got a new logo for you
Self explanatory but if not
The larger rectangle  represents the envelope for mail
If not understood - the little one should  lol

Will never be adopted

You have too much free time Peter!

Warning -Off Topic
No I don’t,This was quick.
Minimal design - Minimal number of clicks …