Paid customer log in to license manager

I just bought 2 seats with lifetime upgrades and now I want to sign onto the license manager. As I only received two emails for my order with no login credentials (and nothing in my spam folder). I contacted Support to have the required information. Support is only telling me to reset my password. Yes I did that but still I don’t have any login credentials for the license manager. The latter asks for:

User group:
User name:

I can imagine that my email address is the User name and the new password is that which I’ve obtained when I did “reset the password”. But what about User group?

Support in two emails is telling me to reset my passowrd. Feels like the response does not come from a real person.

I’m considering to obtain a full refund if I do not get satisfaction soon.

The user group is User (note capital U).  You should have received an email from eM Client (separate from the activation key email) when you purchased the licenses with user name and password (note-- the user name is not your email address).  If you can’t locate the email and want to reset your credentials, you can go here:

Thank you very much indeed. Finally I am got the email with all the login details! I was really on the verge of asking for a refund. I see also some users not getting a separate email from eM Client on purchase about login. Support should look into this issue. I was also trying to use my login details for PRO Support, which of course were not valid for license manager. Perhaps this should be made clear somehow to new users.

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Yes, resetting the password will resend all the credentials. Seems Support was correct. :slight_smile:

Sadly, I’ve reset my password three times. User group “User” is apparently incorrect, and I have no idea how to access my licenses now.

Well, the License Manager is really only for Business license users and your license is not a Pro Business license.

What did you need to do in the License Manager? Let me know and I will do it for you.

That’s where the application software took me. I have a pro lifetime license as well as a free license. I was trying to make sure that my pro license is the one being used and so was trying to login to get the code. User group (or just user, I don’t remember) is required field.

To see what license is in use, go to Menu > Help > License.

But I can tell you that your Pro license is activated on two devices, and the Free license is not in use.

I will resend the license keys to you just in case you need a record.

I think I’m good, then. One my work computer, I use emClient to access my personal email.
On my home computer, I use emClient to access my work email. I wouldn’t have thought this was a violation of any kind.

Yesterday, I actually changed the license on my work computer to use the 2nd of 2 licenses, thus leaving the free license unused.

Thanks for your help.