Page break

Is it possible to put a page break in the body of an email?

How did you want to use the page break?

In the body of an email

But an email doesn’t have pages, so how do you plan to use the page break?

I’m the secretary of a local sports clubs.  A number of our members are not too au fait with IT etc and in this instance attachments in emails.  When I send out a document I copy the text into the email body after the covering message, as well as including it as an attachment.  When they print the email for the document they get the covering message as well as the document text.  In some cases this doesn’t matter, but in others it does.  If I could insert a page break between the message and the document text then when printed they’d get the document starting on a new page.  Hope this explains.

Most email clients will let you print just what is selected, so it can be done that way. Otherwise I don’t think that you can achieve that in the email body.

The usual method to preserve formatting is to include it as an attachment. PDF files are best for that as you can keep pagination, fonts etc no matter what system it is viewed on. The receiver simply has to click on the attachment and it opens, and they will be able to print exactly what you want them to print.

As I mentioned, I do include an attachment.  It is as a pdf.  But the less IT literate struggle with attachments.

You could just include a link to an online PDF file.

Yes, that may be worth trying.  Tx