Page break at end of email when printing multiple emails


I often print my order emails out at night, selecting them all at once and pressing Print.

In my old email program, this would send each email to the printer separately.

Emclient will start the second email (for example) on the bottom of the first email, if it has space.

Being that my emails are orders, i need them on their own pages.

I can print each one individually, no problem, but to save time, i like to highlight them all and press print.

Does anyone know if it is possible to set a page break for each email somehow?

I would rather this be a central setting and not done on a per email basis though.



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Hello, there will be an option to print each email on a separate page in the next version. Unfortunatelly, there is no other way (except printing the email individually) to do it now.


Thanks for replying.

I can live with it until the new version (coming soon? :slight_smile:

I am an old Office 97) Outlook user, then changed to Postbox, but have to say that your program is brilliant and far better than both of these.