Owncloud 4.5.x Carddav not working with em client

Is it possible to connect em Client to owncloud 4.5.x for carddav contacts management? I always get the error “method not allowed”, because em client seems not to be able to append the principals/username path and cannot work with the manual addition of the path.

it seems that you have entered wrong URL. Create the account again using the correct URL and let me know if it works.

I tried already. I am using the URL recommended by owncloud itself (like http://www.url.de//apps/contacts/card…).

In the owncloud bugtracker (http://bugs.owncloud.org/thebuggenie/…) it is recommended to use the full path (with principals/ added to the path), if the client does not handle the short path correctly, but it doesn’t work for em client, either.

Do you have an advice for me?


Same message in my case using CalDav (did not yet try CardDav). I’ve even downgraded from owncloud 4.5 to 4.0, but same effect.

I have tested it with the following URL http://demo.owncloud.org/remote.php/c… and it works properly.
Open your Owncloud folder in a browser, click Settings and copy the URL to eM Client. Inform me of the result.

that’s interesting - I tried it also with the demo site link you’ve used, but nothing happens. The URL is somehow recognised as a combined Carddav/Caldav/Tasks provider, because these three entries are displayed in the configuration as “Default Folders”. But nothing appears in the contacts section and - very interesting - there are no entries in the log. No error, no report that something has been exchanged/downloaded.

That’s different to the behaviour when I try to access owncloud 3 with correct or incorrect credentials/paths. In the log either there were errors or reports about sync activities.

I have the latest version with a free license. Does it perhaps have something to do that only two accounts are allowed, but em client identifies the owncloud contact to have three functions? First I had my old owncloud account still there, but at the moment the new owncloud account is the only one, I deleted the old.

Any ideas? Thanks!

OK, finally it works!!! :slight_smile:
I’ve used to following URL:


No further work necessary, emclient even showed me all sub-calendars instantly, just had to adapt the calendar colors - emclient did not adopt them from owncloud calendar colors (Android CalDav beta does that!).

Finally I’m very happy, my (home) windows desktop appointments are now synchronized with our Android Smartphones without using Google - that’s what I’ve intended with OwnCloud.

Let me say that it took me hours of unsuccessful attempts with Thunderbird / Lightning before. It was so frustrating that - for the appointment management - I even left my favorite web product: Mozilla
For my Business-PC I’m forced to use Outlook. This is the next construction area: How to connect my Outlook with OwnCloud… :frowning: