Overwhelmed by unwanted emails (junk, solicitations,...)

I commonly receive 100+ emails per day. Most often, 95% of them are unwanted / junk. I likely have 2000+ senders added to my Blacklist.

It would be very helpful to have a rule that moves incoming messages to a folder, or to tag with a category, if the senders email address is not in my contacts list (or some other list).

Any Thoughts on this.

it would be very helpful to have a rule that moves incoming messages to a folder.

You can certainly setup Rules in eM Client to automatically move inbox emails via information from the eg: email header, subject or body to a specific folder when they arrive.

See eM Client online help documentation on creating New Rules.

If you have tried setting a rule already to do that and it’s not working, post it in this thread and someone on the forum can help you with it.

Apart from creating Local rules in eM Client, most good mail servers now have Spam AI engine technology that can filter spam / junk mail for you, so it then doesn’t end up all in your Inbox.

So ask your technical support at your mail server end of they have that available in your mailbox.

martes 09 julio 2024 :: 1022hrs (UTC +0100)

eMC does not have specific anti-spam capabilities and expects your email host to provide anti-spam server side as advised by @cyberzork, most do to a greater or lesser extent which is fine, however, it is worthwhile to setup a ‘catch-all’ rule for anything that is missed. If you have mail server access you also have the option of using a 3rd party anti-spam filter, there are several excellent options available that can be tailored to your actual needs with the use of RegEx coding.

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