Upgraded to windows 10 (wasn’t a problem before - or if it was, it was giving a different error message).

Getting "([OVERQUOTA] The mailbox does not have enough space remaining to completed this operation.) however the mailbox is fine. 

Hello, not quite sure what you’re suggesting… This error suggests your e-mail account does no longer have space to receive new messages, or at least the one it’s trying to upload here can not be accepted by the server, archive some of your email online, or add space to your email account in order to resolve this issue.

eM Client does not include any mailbox limit, and you’re only limited by your disk space.


the account only had 37 messages, and had no issues with any other email client. 

removing the account and adding it back resolved the issue for now

Glad it works now, please make sure to let me know if the issue reoccurs and we can try to log some additional data about this issue. Unfortunately though these Quota limit errors are thrown by the server rather than the application.