Overlaying Multiple Calendar Accounts

I know you can overlay multiple calendars from the same account. It would be helpful to see multiple calendars from multiple accounts. For example, I have two CalDav calendars (one for me and one for my family) as well as an Exchange calendar for work.

Hi, I don’t understand you can check multiple calendar folders even form different accounts and it is visible in one view.


Hi John,

Hmmm. Was that addressed in the latest update? I see now that it works. I tried off and on for a few days to get them to work, but every time I clicked another account, previously checked calendars would un-check and turn off… But you’re right - its working now so that’s great!

No, this was working all the time. Most likely your eM Client was still synchronizating with server and that caused your “problem” or you did something bad (check box and calendar folder name are not same fields under calendar view).

But if it is working then there is no need to investigate it at this moment.