Outlook365 eMclient Local Folders issue

I have several email accounts all set up so that I use one INBOX and one SENT folder, this has worked well for me for years (been use EmC since 2015).

Today the organisation I work for has told me I have to set my Office 365 (Outlook) work account to MFA.
That was done very easily.

However I now have 2 inboxs and two sent folders.

The first issue (inbox) was to set a rule and get the emails moved to the appropriate global folder.
I cannot do the same for sent items. If I send an email from my work account it goes into the cloud ‘sent items’ and I have to physically (if I remember) to move them. This will be tedious to do everyday.

Anyone with a work round please?

BTW I set Sync Options to Download messages for offline use and Include attachments.
That seems to have made no difference and I wonder what that actually does.

The reason I want one inbox and one sent items is for functionality and easy of use. I am dyslexic and cannot cope with having lots of folders to try and navigate.



You can create a Rule for this.

Select the send Rule option:

Specify on which account you send, and where to move the message to:

Hi Gary,
Thanks for the reply.
That was the first thing I tried, for some reason with the office365 account it is not working.

Yeah, apologies for that, it doesn’t work with Exchange accounts. Our developers will look into it and see if there is something that can be done for a future version of eM Client.

In the meantime, you can use the Favorites All Inboxes and Sent folders. These will display a combined view of both the folders from the separate accounts.


If Sent is not displayed there, right-click on Favorites and choose Display > Sent.

For the other question, downloading messages for offline use means that the server messages are cached locally in eM Client, so that when you are not connected to the server, you can still see past messages. The message store is still on the server though.

Thank you for all your help.

I hope the developers can find a solution.
Have enabled the second Sent folder to the favourites, it is a work around for the time being.
And thank you for the explanation with regard to the cached messages.