Outlook sign-in problem

eM Client doesn’t connect to Outlook even though I have successfully signed in with Microsoft.
I also have PopPeeper, and it can sign in. I have made sure that the entries on the two programs are the same. The data matches, but only one program connects.
There is no error message, only a notification that the attempt to connect failed.
Please advise.

What type of Outlook account is it ?

Also did you use the automatic in or manual setup, and what are your email settings in eM Client. Obviously don’t show your acct name.

Also are you running any optional Firewalls , Security programs, VPNs etc.

Personal account, set up on hotmail. I’ve had it for some time.
I used the automatic setup. Microsoft accepted my password, but the attempt to connect timed out. I checked the entries against PopPeeper and changed the information on the port and server name to match. The attempt to connect timed out again.
No optional firewalls, and I’m using Avast, nothing else.
Hope this helps.

When you added in your personal Outlook account to eM Client at the end of the automatic acct setup wizard, did you get the Microsoft Authorization screen appear to eg: Enter your Outlook password or allow access to your account depending on if you have 2 Step enabled at Microsoft or not.as in my example Microsoft personal Live account authorization screenshots below with 2 step enabled.

So even without 2 step enabled you would still have to enter your Microsoft password and click “Yes” on the last screen to give eM Client full access to your email or you won’t receive any email.

If you have allowed access to your Outlook account and still not getting email and timing out, then some eg: background program on your computer is interfering or blocking your mail or you have the incorrect IMAP port or security policy etc.

Note:- I am currently using eM Client V8.2.1237 for Windows from the eM Client version history page https://www.emclient.com/release-history



This is also what i see in eM Client account config after the Microsoft Live acct is setup and working.

Note:- In the IMAP acct Tab I also chose to “Remove the Sync” options to d/l messages for offline use. That is normally checked (by default) when you go through the setup Wizard.