Outlook PST data file equvalent

I’ve been using Outlook since “day one” at work and home. I’ve gotten very used to having several PST data files open in Outlook for managing messages where I can click and drag from my In Box to a PST for storage. Plus, Outlook also has a separate PST where it Archives messages to. I’d like to wean myself off of Outlook since I’m now retired and no longer use it for work. Does EMClient have similar features with having multiple databases open in the client in order to drag messages around from one to another database?

Outlook has a limit of pst file, so you have to archive in order to maintain the size.
In emclient I don’t see such limit. I now have 40000 email with no problem

They offer a free version that handles 2 email accounts.  Try it and run it in parallel with outlook and see if it handles your needs.
I use gmail as my email so I have a few email accounts with each one having different folders (labels in gmail )   and also use auto achive after 180 days and I can move email from one folder to another or to another email account (like my wife’s ) . 
If you do use it please run the internal backups so you can restore to another machine if you decide to keep using it  or need to restore.

Let me clarify if you are using imap protocol you can run parallel   if you are using pop I would not try it

Mr. Richard Mourino : Hope you don’t mind my hijacking this thread to get to you, but you seem to have a lot of good answers. Is there any chance you can shed any light on my problem below from my post yesterday? ( no response so far)


I’m using eMC v6.xxxx, the most recent v6.

I have inadvertently created 3-4  identical nested IMAP folder structures, each with the same 40-50 folders, under my main (top level) IMAP folder. (i.e., [email protected]). I have just 2 accounts, one IMAP and one for Apple syncing only (calendar, contacts).

Aside from wasting server space, this appears to create a huge delay in loading new email as all these folders are re-synced over and over even though INBOX is the only folder receiving new data. There remains only one INBOX, in spite of the redundant folders structs. When it’s syncing and I look at “Operations”  I see folders syncing that are nested way deep but have no changed data.

How do I delete these redundant folders without losing the identically named folders in my primary top level structure? Is the structure on the IMAP server an exact mirror image, redundancy and all, so if I delete one duplicate folder it does not delete all folders with the same name?  I have run de-duplicator in the past and before I realized I had this duplication thing going on. Wonder if that’s what created the problem? 

Any suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks.

I am not familiar with comcast.net but with gmail my email server if I create a folder or label in gmail emclient also shows it. If i create a folder in emclient it shows up in gmail.
In my opinion emclient is not the master of your email service your comcast.net is the master  so I would pick the least important sub folder on comcast  and see what happens when it is erased on comcast ( i would leave emclient shutdown during this)  I would also set that account on emclient NOT to sync.
but before you do this run an emclient backup so if all goes bad one can restore
if comcast has a backup facility i would also run that.

If you have never used the emclient autoarchive feature then all your email should be on comcast with only a copy on emclient  so logically one could erase the emclient account   fix the comcast  system then re create the emclient account  but be warned I am guessing here.


OK, thank you! Actually, it’s pacbell.net, just used comcast as an example of a generic email acct name. Or, in my case my ATT email userID.

Great suggestion and I will try that. For me it’s Yahoo, not Gmail, although I do have a Gmail acct too, just seldom use it. I have observed that the Yahoo folders echo that of eMC but have not checked exactly how closely they match.

thanks again!

yes, that works!!!  But a bit labor intensive as in yahoo I have to delete all folder contents first, then the folder, then go on to the next, etc. On opening eMC, the duplicate folder(s) are gone. Yahoo! :slight_smile: (joke)

Now if you can please explain one thing: syncing. I have it all off yet I still get new email (a good thing). So, what does syncing exactly sync? it’s off in tools->general->synchronize (both boxes are off). Perhaps just syncs ancillary folders not named INBOX?

if in fact works as above, this may be my solution even once I remove redundancy. As said in original post, on retrieving email first thing in the AM it can take a long time for some emails to populate beyond the header as it downloads and syncs everything. Looking in tools->operations it was syncing through tons of old stale folders that have been untouched for years so in no need of syncing. I had assumed “sync” meant download new email.

thanks again!

According to manual

Synchronize items at startup

When checked, the application will automatically synchronize your items at startup.Synchronize items every X minutes

Check this field to automatically synchronize your items in every X minutes . This action will be performed every given number of minutes and you can change this frequency in the numeric field to the right of the checkbox.

So if it is off and still doing the inbox  You got me could be a bug !

Unless in Accounts “include acct in sending and receiving” is overriding it

Check if you can send with parameters off

Glad I could help

FYI   one can use auto archive to MOVE email from email service to your PC but if you do You need to use the emclient backup feature so you can restore if needed since the email is MOVED from the email service to your PC   a Pro and Con unless you have an emclient backup and full pc disk backup 

OK, thanks again! I need some time for this to percolate before I get it. I’ll play with it and see what I get.

One ambiguity is what do they mean by “items”? Folders? both IMAP and/or Local too? I have both.

As with most instruction manuals, the stuff they explain is the easy intuitive stuff (what box to click) but leave out the why and how.

for example: “include acct in sending and receiving”. that’s confusing. Of course, include account. what else is there? We’re talking about an email account here, right? What else would email be coming to or going from? Not local folders. Never did understand that and I was a self-taught computer programmer back in the day, and assembly lang too. Maybe too much IPA with dead brain cells in recent years.