outlook not working

For about a week now my hotmail account hasn’t been syncing at all. It just can’t connect. Password is correct, did something change? Anyone else having this issue?

Yes something changed. Microsoft now uses a different server for Hotmail. they have changed to Outlook. The server address and the email settings are different. Therefore eM Client doesn’t work. I have asked support for a solution to the problem but they told me to re add the email account and “see if that works.” This didn’t work. My business which runs on email now has a broken cog. I have started using Outlook. eM Client need to get their act together and come up with a patch or minimally a work around. I cant wait for them to sort out something which they knew was coming. I’m looking for another email client.

I’ve had sporadic issues with syncing. This morning I couldn’t get anything and all folders appeared empty. Tried deleting and adding again. No help. Since Microsoft decided to discontinue Windows Live Mail, I needed an alternative in order to archive emails locally in .eml format and for a few months eM Client has fit the bill. Now it’s “broken”

This is totally out of the control of emclient. Microsoft made a decision to move everyone to Exchange, but the transition of accounts was spread over months. Therefore, there is nothing emclient could do, as some accounts were still using the older protocol and some Exchange. The issues have been well documented in this forum and solutions exist. You will need to set up the account as an Exchange account and all should be fine.

I didn’t say if was emclients fault. I said it was their responsibility to provide better support for a product I paid for.
And everything is fine, I’m using Thunderbird with contacts and calendar auto syncing with gmail and hotmail.

I am shocked that their pro support was no help. I find them actually pretty good and responsive. Especially with a known issue as this.

What version of emClient are you using?  I was using version 6 and then something happened to my Hotmail synchronization as well.  I switched to version 7 and it seems to be working properly now.

Short answer…if you’re using version 6, upgrade to version 7.  If you’re using version 7, someone else or emClient may be able to help.  

More info:

I received an email from Microsoft about something changing at Hotmail.  All was working in version 6 until a week or two ago.  All emails had disappeared.  They were still on the Hotmail servers but emClient would say that synchronization completed fine but nothing was showing up

Switched to version 7 and all is back to normal.  I have another Hotmail account that was working fine in v6 at the same time as the one that had problems so I assume Microsoft is rolling this change out, as someone suggested, and some people will be affected sooner or later.

I tried setting up the email account as exchange but was nearly late for work waiting for it to verify server settings

Yeah, I’ve heard that is a S L O W process, but all should work fine after it does.

PROBLEM SOLVED! Thanks guys.

So I deleted my hotmail account. Then I added a new exchange account, username and account name were set to my current email. Then my password. Took like 5 mins to go through, but it all seems to work perfect now.

Try changing the imap server to “eas.outlook.com”  in the account settings instead of reinstalling first. That solved it for me