Outlook migration to EMclient - AutoComplete emails

How to import AutoComplete emails from Outlook? Only address book is imported.

The comparable feature in eM Client is called Recipient History, but it is not editable except to delete an address. You can’t add addresses to it manually or by import. It simply maintains a list of all recipient addresses for suggestion.

That’s the biggest problem. I’m switching from Outlook because pst file has error and cannot be repaired. But person I’m helping is average user and she wants all the cached emails from Outlook.

Did you try to import them from the pst into eM Client contacts?

I’m trying but have to wait - EMclient does not respond when import selected folders.
I have 3 dups for each imported email. Can I delete dups automatically?

I don’t have suggested contacts.

eM Client has a feature called Deduplicator for removing duplicate emails.

Menu > Tools > Deduplicator.

Maybe you could enquire at Office support about how to export the AutoComplete addresses. If you could export them as csv or vcf then you can import them into eM Client as contacts.

I wish Microsoft be so fast responding :slight_smile: