Outlook mail (hotmail.com) impossible to send

I have installed last version of eM and I followed the automatic setup for an hotmail.com mail address.
The mail seems to be fully sync, however, when I try to send it, the mail got stuck in the outbox folder.

Any suggestion?
thank you

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I have the same problem since a few days. Formerly my outloook.com account worked without problems for many years.

Seems to be an incompatibilty issue to some changes microsoft did on outlook.com

Normaly the eMClient team fixes such things with an update soon.

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Hello and thank you for your quick reply!
Also I remember in the past, the mail I cancelled got moved into trash bin ( which has a different name on my web page due to language settings).
Do you know if this is still happening ?
I ma back to eM after a while.

Thank you so much!
sorry if I did not look properly into the forum.

Gary, I appreciate your feedback and possible reasons for issues with outlook.com and MS making changes. But a few discrepancies to this that I have 2 installations of free eMClient client software and outlook.com server account. 1 PC on Win 10 Pro the email works perfectly. A 2nd machine on Win 10 Home can’t sent emails and was also previously affected with receive issues, fixed with an eMC workaround. So this can’t all be about MS, and MS being a mail server provider and dependant on second party client software, just don’t make changes overnight without warning. My point is Mozilla Thunderbird have sorted the issue without an apparent work-around for their customers to install. It’s simply sorted as many on these forums want it to be.

I followed this procedure and it worked for me


It depends on how the account is setup. If it is setup without oAuth, or is using an older form of oAuth, it will not be affected by the broken server. Mozilla did release a fix as well to avoid this issue for their users that are using modern oAuth. So for anyone who says xxx app is not affected, it most probably means that the account is not setup with modern oAuth in that app.