Outlook/Live/Hotmail sync slow

I have just switched to eM Client and so far so good with my various email addresses except for one. I have a  @live.com email address and past email clients handled this no problem.

eM Client does not, every time you start the program it does a sync with live server which is slow to complete then I do a send & receive to get the actual mail which repeats the process. Sometimes it also fails the sync.

eM Client seems to use m.hotmail.com with something called airsync as the server instead of the outlook.com server settings.

Should I try removing the eM Client airsync and replace it with the manual settings from outlook.com that it gives for pop3 clients ?

Hello Rob, eM Client is by default using the AirSync protocol to synchronise all your items with the server, you can setup the account as POP/IMAP using the manual configuration in Tools > Accounts > New account > Mail > Other, however note that the Airsync protocol allows you to synchronise your emails as well as the calendars, as Live.com/Outlook.com accounts currently do not support different calendar sync protocol, setting up as IMAP would disable your ability to sync Calendars and Contacts with the server.

We’re however working on improving this to future releases of eM Client.


Thanks for the info, I dont need calendar support  so I will go with the imap/pop3 approach.

My best suggestion here would be setting up the account as IMAP rather than POP, IMAP keeps your account synchronised with the server allowing you to keep a safe backup of your data on the remote server.

Follow the setup instructions here, http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/outlook/send-receive-from-app .