Outlook.com / Sync - Tasks - Reminder Times getting changed

In short: When I sync my Tasks from eM Client to Outlook.com, somehow the Time zone is not properly converting (I am UTC -5 US/Eastern, but Synced Time is UTC 0 (so all times are 5 hours behind).

If I create a Task with a 4:00pm EST reminder in eM Client, when I view it in Outlook.com (or associated apps/programs) the Reminder time now reads 11:00am EST.

If I create a Task with a 4:00pm EST reminder in Outlook.com (and apps), when it syncs into eM Client, eM Client now reads the Reminder time as 9:00pm EST.

I have verified that eM Client is set to the right time zone (the icon next to the clocks in a Task window is set to UTC -05:00.

When I run the SAME test with the Calendar (e.g. Set an Event for 4:00pm EST), the times DO synchronize correctly.

My computer is properly set to UTC -05:00.

My Microsoft account settings are properly set to UTC -05:00.

I do not have this issue anywhere else EXCEPT eM Client. It’s almost as if the eM Client Account settings are forcing a UTC 00:00 for Tasks and Tasks alone.

I am assuming that I am missing a setting somewhere in eM Client, otherwise these seems like it would be a pretty pronounced and widespread bug.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

This is a bug with AirSync.

If you setup your Outlook.com account as Exchange, it does not have this problem.

To do that remove the Outlook.com account from eM Client. Then add a new account, but instead of using Automatic Setup, use Mail > Exchange.

Once the account is setup, it will sync your previous data.