outlook.com sync errors

I constantly receive errors on my outlook.com account as follows

{IMAP} An attempt to connect to ******@outlook.com failed. This could be caused by a temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. Do you want to check the settings?

I also get error 500 when syncing Calendar and Contacts

If I delete the account and set it up again it all works fine for a short while but then stops receiving email due to the imap error message above.

No emails come in until I recreate the account

Any ideas?

I have the same problem with a clients account, same error (IMAP) but with Gmail. Following.

I think we are dealing with 2 separate issues here. Outlook.com now uses Microsoft Exchange. Although you can use IMAP for email, it will not sync calendars and contacts and error messages will result. The best answer is to recreate the account using exchange (note: don’t use the automatic setup, in the new account window, click on mail and select Exchange). Then all of your contacts and calendars will sync.

If you insist on using IMAP, go to menu/settings/tools/settings/general/general and in the Operations Window section, uncheck "Show window when error occurs. No more error messages.

For the Gmail issue, does client have 2-step authorization enabled for Gmail? If yes, you need to get a separate application specific password for eM Client.

I have a lot of sync and error issues on my outlook.com accounts.  I saw your response and it raised a question for me.

In your instructions, you say “click on mail and select Exchange”.  I was under the impression that “Outlook” should be selected for outlook.com and “Exchange” is the correct selection for a non-outlook.com Exchange server.

Where am I going wrong and what is the difference between the two options?


I think the issue is that the “Outlook” selection uses IMAP instead of Exchange.  This can cause errors and will not sync calendars and contacts.  Using exchange option should fix all of this.  When setting up Exchange accounts, make sure that you always use your full email address for any prompts for server, etc.

Outlook.com transitioned from another protocol to Exchange over the last year or so, hence the distinction between Outlook.com and Exchange.  Now all accounts should support Exchange.

Thanks for the quick reply, but I think it may not be completely accurate.  I started using emClient when outlook.com dropped support of Windows Live Mail and transitioned to EWS.  Everything was good until the 7.1 release (multiple issues including slow performance, problems with sync, wrong “from” email address in replies, etc.).  I have tried setting up via automatic, outlook and exchange.  The last setup was by selecting outlook.  It does not configure IMAP.  My configuration is an Exchange version as follows:


So, I will continue to hope for someone to fix these problems or maybe I’ll finally find client software the works.  I have a pro license but emClient support is not at all helpful.

Have you tried Exchange?


I have one outlook.com address configured as Exchange, and it seems to be working just fine. But then I also have the Operations Windows turned off. So I had a look at Operations:

Seems that there is an EWS error there, but the account is still working just fine with sending and receiving email, calendar and task functions, and contacts. I don’t use delegation or public folders on that account.
Steve, I would suggest you try setting the account up as Exchange as Jay said, and see what happens.

Oh, and BTW, when I replied to this thread from the link in my email, I ended up on another thread (Anna’s question about password). Seems to be some corruption going on somewhere.

Yes I have tried set up via Exchange.  It set up just like Outlook did.  As you will note from my previous comment, it is set up for office365, ews, and exchange.  It was the same when set up via exchange.  I have also tried IMAP, but it doesn’t sync everything and Microsoft doesn’t really want to support it.

I’m sure I’ve not been real clear about the issue.  The system works, but I do get a lot of errors, but the biggest issue is the lack of proper sync between emClient and outlook.com.  I have found that I have to go to outlook.com webmail at least once a day to see what the differences are between the two.  Typically there are messages in my inbox that are not in my emClient inbox, sometimes a day old.  Also, mail that I have identified as junk are still in my outlook.com inbox.  Often times, deleted mail is not moved to trash.

I am running the latest release version (7.1.30794.0).  Prior to installing it, I uninstalled and reinstalled several times with no success.

Also, I have 4 email accounts (2-msn.com, 1-outlook.com and 1-gmail.com).  If I send an email from the default account to the others and reply from each, the from address from all but the default can be anyone of them.  I have sent examples to support, with no results.  They wanted to schedule a session with me, but they never showed up at the specified time.

Frankly, I think they lost the recipe and can’t recover it.

Please read my response to Jay Ogram.  You have to do more than look at your errors to determine if the account is syncing properly.

Steve should note that outlook.com doesn’t like IMAP.  He should setup via Outlook or Exchange.

Well, as I said, it seems to be working just fine, except that Operations is showing an error. I guess it is a different problem to what you have because the webmail interface is the same as my eM Client.
Not a proper solution, but will just keep Operations turned off. :slight_smile: