outlook.com stopped sending mail

My outlook.com account has just stopped sending mail after working perfectly previously.

All new mail does not get sent, but just sits in the Outbox.

Message says SMTP settings wrong - diagnostics show:-

IMAP - ok

SMTP - Server not responding

My SMTP settings are :- smtp-mail.outlook.com

                                       Port - 465

                                       SSL/TLS on Special Port (legacy)

Outlook is still showing as ‘outlook.com’ on the webmail (NOT outlook mail)

My em Client is version 7.0.26453.0  and OS is Windows 10 64bit

Is there anything I should be doing to correct this?



Just an update on this.

After about 36 hours everything went back to normal - an elongated ‘Server outage’ ?



Hello Roy,
could have been a server issue, after all, Microsoft is currently making lots of changes on their account with the migration to Exchange.


Hello Olivia

The outlook account has been off and then on again during a short time this morning - presumably another server outage ?

Will I have to change my outlook.com to Exchange eventually ? Where will I find out how to do that ?

Currently it is ‘outlook.com’ on IMAP/SMTP.