Outlook.com in Edge

I guess Microsoft changed the way Outlook. com looks & works in Edge browser very recently. I noticed the change on 30DEC20.

This new look, and functionality is completely unusable for me. I am wondering if the eM Client will fit the bill? One of the features I cannot do without is the ability to edit junk mail black & white lists. Prior to the change of Outlook. com this feature was accessed via a stand alone settings button in the App launcher menu bar (basically the top menu of the delivered web page). Then “view all outlook settings”. Then “Junk email”. On this settings page you can edit “Blocked sender and domains”, “Safe senders and domains”, “Safe mailing lists, and filters”. Does eM Client have direct access to these options?

BTW the developer of eM Client might want to push up the advertising dollars to Outlook.com users on the Edge browser. The changes are really, really bad.

eM Client has blacklists, but not whitelists. To blacklist a sender or domain, right-click on the message and choose Move to Junk.

Later, you can edit the list, which you will find in Menu > Rules > Blacklist Rule

These are only local settings. They do not change the settings on your Outlook.com server.

If you plan to use eM Client instead of the Outlook.com web interface, then you should disable any filtering on the server.