Outlook.com email has stopped working in emClient

Outlook.com email has stopped working in emClient I followed the advice given by em client to download the windows fix. I t didn.t work. I uninstalled and reinstalled em client from your website. I ran the fix again. Nothing cures the problem Please help

The easiest solution to this problem is to delete your outlook.com account and add it again, but this time as Exchange.  Tools>Accounts> + >Mail ( not Automatic )>Exchange. On clicking Next  you get to fill in your Server Information. Here it is important, that under User Name you fill in your email address ; the exact same address that you filled in in the field above. Don’t forget Password.
After clicking Next , don’t worry that nothing seems to happen, go have lunch or walk the dog. When you come back to your PC (1 to 2 hours later) your account will be working.
The fix was only meant to fix a problem that occurred when outlook.com accounts were set up as IMAP/SMTP, which (unfortunately) is the default setup when using Automatic setup.

Thanks for your help, but this solution scares me - a lot of things to go wrong.  Also, the problem is not with outlook, which is working perfectly, but with em client.

Please have a look at our official announcement about this issue - it includes a fix you can install:

Thanks, but please read my post.  I downloaded your fix - it didn’t work.  Seems i am not alone either.  See Jayesh.

Hi Carolyn,
If the issue continues even with the fix, please copy the full error message that appears, because the fix contains a new certificate so the exact same issue cannot happen with it.

Ideally, please include a screenshot of the error message - https://www.take-a-screenshot.org/

Alternatively, switching to Exchange protocol might help, as pefunk above suggested. We have step-by-step instructions for that available on our website - https://www.emclient.com/em-with-microsoft-exchange
Perhaps just try it to see if the account can be setup that way.

Thank you for your cooperation.


I tried again this morning. I downloaded the fix version, and tried to repair the emclient install. I got a message “That account already exists” during installation, which I hadn’t seen before. 

After that, I started up eM Client, and again it failed to sync hotmail messages.

Screenshots attached.


Hi.  I have downloaded the fix again. Situation the same. Screenshot below

Fix doesn’t work! 

Is someone on this thread able to address the query I have put out on another thread that hasn’t been answered yet:  I am copying error message here: "Uploading item to folder…failed due to the following error. Request parameter validation failed for [Google.Apis/Requests/ request… I have lost my calendar entries.  

My hotmail started working!

I realized that I had changed the SSL settings for IMAP when I was playing around with the configuration. When I set it back to the original, it started working. Please see screen grab below
with the security policy circled.

Thanks a lot to the eM Client team for their support!

OK, the latest eM Client update with the option to " Repair" fixed the problem with Hotmail! 
Thank you!

Not for me, but I am glad for you :) 

In my case, I deleted the Outlook account, then I installed the fix version (DOWNLOAD THE WINDOWS FIX VERSION). I added the Outlook account again, I wrote the password and now the Outlook account is working fine.

Conclusion to the problem at last.  When the repair from em client allowed me to enter the password on the nuisance message that has plagued me for about 2 weeks now, I had only to insert the correct password to set things straight.  That was not as easy as it sounds, as Microsoft are always changing things up - microsoft, google, email, skype etc etc.  Anyway, after about 6 attempts, i finally found the correct one.  AT LAST, em client is back to behaving as it should !!