Outlook.com (default) not showing "send to" & wont "reply"

Sorry for poor summary line. Following a recent clean install of windows and thus em Client, I have loaded/set up my 5 email accounts… All are receiving emails. However when i click on “New” the outlook account doesnt appear. Further when I click on “Reply to” an outlook email I have received it is sent from my second account (gmail).

I have removed the outlook account and re-set it up but the same problem persists. I wonder if someone could point me in the right direction of a solution please…

Regards Paul

Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the General tab for this account. Scroll down to Services and tick the AirSync option. Click on Save & Close.

Well Gary don’t I feel daft - that fixed it thank you. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge - much appreciated.

Regards Paul

Hi Gary. I have been unable to send messages to my BT server and after an error message they stay in my Outbox. I have looked at my General settings and gone to services. I do not see AirSyn option; I only have Pop3 and SMTP boptions, both of which are ticked. Thoughts please.