Outlook.com contacts problem

I downloaded and installed v5, configured it to connect to my IMAP email account, Google calendar and Outlook.com (Hotmail) contacts.

Everything worked well until I discovered that the contacts had suddenly lost all of their addresses. Other fields (telephone numbers etc) remained.

I uninstalled v5, rebuilt my contacts list (thank god for backups) and then reinstalled v5 again. I set it up exactly the same way but now it refuses to sync the Hotmail contacts.

I’ve uninstalled, removed databases and reinstalled but nothing works - the contacts refuse to sync to eM Client.


After a bit of investigating I have found out what goes wrong.

After making ANY changes to one or more contacts (editing, adding, changing category etc) eMClient then uploads the changes to the outlook.com (Hotmail) server. That is when the address disappears on the server. All other data on the server appears to be fine.

What is the fix for this?

PS I like this programme and I really want it to work but at the moment I simply can’t allow it to mess up my 500+ business contacts.

A fix would be nice :slight_smile:


sorry for the delayed reply. What version of eM Client do you use? I have tested it right now and it works without any problems. Please contact me directly at wilson@emclient.com so I can send you the latest version.