Outlook.com contact groups

In my Outlook.com account, I have created different contact groups. When I view my Outlook.com contact list in em Client, I don’t see the groups on the left hand pane. This is different to my gmail account. For this account, the contact groups do appear in the left hand pane.

em Client does seem to be aware of my Outlook.com contact groups because it displays them in the category column of the phone list view.

But without having them in the left hand pane, I can’t filter my contacts by group? Is there a way to get them to show in the left hand pane like they do for my google contacts?

Hi, unfortunately Outlook.com/Hotmail groups created online are not currently supported, it’s not because we wouldn’t like to support them but it’s currently not possible.
I wish I could be more helpful.

Thank you for understanding, maybe in future releases,

Regarding not currently possible -  my Android phone (galaxy S4), connected to my outlook.com account via exchange is able to make use of outlook.com groups. I’m able to filter by group in the contacts app. 

Hi, if you’re connected to that account by exchange server, that’s a bit different case, I understand that your account in eM Client is setup as a simple AirSync account. If you can setup the account as Exchange you can maybe use the manual setup when setting up the account, switch from the automatic setup to the mail tab and select Exchange and proceed with the steps.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,  

I’ve now tried setting up as Exchange account (via mail tab…Exchange). It just hangs on “obtaining server records”.

Note that, I can setup my outlook.com account as an exchange account without any problem on my android phone using the instructions here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/outlook/to-go


Hi, it’s a bit complicated. What’s so called Exchange on your Android phone isn’t really an Exchange account, it’s still just an AirSync account.

If you’re using an Outlook.com you can not setup an Exchange account with this account, because it’s not an Exchange server, can you please try using the automatic setup, simply enter your email address and password and your account should work as standard AirSync account.

Thank you,

When I use the automatic setup, it sets up the account fine. 

However, it does not give me contact groups.

I mention the outlook.com Exchange account setup - or whatever it is - on my phone because that does give me outlook.com contact groups.

Unfortunately the groups are currently not supported by the AirSync protocol, I don’t know on what kind of a setup is your phone running, but I’ve discussed the issue with the developers and I’ve been told this can’t be supported at the moment.

We’d love to change this for future releases, when it’s possible, but currently we’re stuck with one group.

Thank you for understanding,