Outlook.com Automatic Setup Fails

Hi Everyone,

There seems to be a strange authentication error apear on Microsoft accounts(live.nl) Outlook Web from Microsoft on Em Client,firsly there occurs an error on my previously added live.nl account with a red sign symbol
I had to remove my live.nl account but if i tried to re add my live.nl account again it fails from automatic setup on the imap and pop3 server adress (em client has checked both protocols and different port numbers) but Em client does not find any valid incoming and outgoing server adresses for setting up the live.nl account from Microsoft Outlook Web
I’m using the latest em client version: 8.0.1481

Are you guys aware of these issues with Microsoft Outlook web accounts on Em Client
I’m on the dutch location en i’m using Windows 10 x 64 bits version

Kindly regards,

Geert Van Osch

Posted on: 22 April 2020 01:03

The latest eM Client release is 7.2.38732.

If you are having issues with beta versions (8.x) please send comments and feedback to testing@emclient.com. They will be happy to receive your bug report, and will assist you further.