Outlook.com, all inbox e-mails are cached on disk

I’ve added an Outlook.com account to eM Client to synchronize my calendar events and to access to the e-mail.

Apart from usual 503 errors about calendar synchronization it works OK.

The problem is that all messages from the Outlook.com mail folders are downloaded to disk when it syncs so I’m running out of disk space (and the first synchronization is very slow as it downloads everything).

I keep a local copy of some mails in local folders but I would like to know if it’s possible to not to download all the e-mails from the Outloook.com account and download only the headers for example. There is no such an option in the Outlook.com account properties.

Or maybe it is possible to keep the Outlook.com account only for the calendar and add the Outlook e-mail as IMAP. How?

eM Client 6.0.24316, Windows 10 x64


AirSync downloads your messages by default, but it is being discontinued by Microsoft, so it’s better to move to IMAP anyway. IMAP setting in eM Client will only synchronize the headers of your messages to save space and only downloads them when you read the message (unless you check the ‘Download for offline use’ option in the settings).

To set up your outlook account as IMAP, go to Tools>Accounts and under New Account choose Mail>Other and manually setup the incoming and outgoing servers (which can be found for example here).
You can also set up your calendar separately under NewAccount > Calendar> CalDAV.


But as far as I know Outlook.com does not provide CalDAV access so I can’t see the Outlook.com calendar in that way.

Hi Ricky,
my mistake, I don’t use outlook calendar regularly so I didn’t realize it. There does not seem to be a solution for outlook calendar at the moment then.
But since Microsoft is changing the mail protocols at the moment, hopefully we’ll find an alternate route to access the calendar.
Sorry for the inconvenience.