outlook.com account


I have created an account on outlook.com and added that account to em client by clicking on the outlook icon, entering the outlook email address and password.

I then went into another webmail account and sent a message to outlook. Logged into outlook and message arrived.

Then did a sync in em client. First I got an error message (which I did not note down but it regarded air sync). Went to diagnostics tab on popup and switched on AirSync diagnostics. Tried send/receive again and this time no error. But no message either. Switched off AirSync diagnostics and no change - no error, no message.

The only thing I did between error and no error was to open the message in outlook but I do not think that should make a difference.

Am I using outlook incorrectly?


If your Outlook account has been migrated to the new system by Microsoft you need to set it up as an Exchange account in eM Client.  See more infe here:


Hi John, thanks for this. I deleted the outlook account in eM client and created an exchange based account. Thought it can find the server, I get an authentication error. Yet using the email address and password, I can log into outlook.com in browser.

And it does have “outlook email” in the top left so I assume that is an exchange account.

I also tried it using IMPA settings but that means only the headers are sent to em client and then it was unable to actually download the rest of the message (I gave up after a few minutes).

So I do not think that imap is the answer.

Basically, it is not accepting my email address and or password. If my email address is name@outlook.com, should my username be “name” or the full email?

Does your Microsoft account require verification?  You can check this by logging into your account in a browser and attempt to change account details.

I have four hotmail accounts setup in eM Client - two have been migrated and work fine with the Exchange setup.  The other two have not yet been migrated and work fine with iMAP

In your case Exchange should have worked - as my instructions said, your email address and User name should BOTH contain your email address.

IMAP should also work for you, but your Contacts and Calendar won’t sync: settings are below

Login name is your email address

IMAP Server
imap-mail.outlook.com   Port 993
Security policy: Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)
Authentication: Use identity credentials
Offline: Download messages for offline use

SMTP Server
smtp-mail.outlook.com   Port 587
Security policy: Force usage of SSL/TLS
Authentication: Server requires authentication, Use identity credentials

Hi John, again thanks for this. And just tried it again this morning and now exchange set up works.

Many thanks for your help.

Great! Thanks for letting us know

Not that this helps, but I just have to be patient…Outlook.com is notoriously slow to sync.  Has been that way for a long while.  My calendars will often “disappear” until it syncs again, and that process has been clocked to take as long as 4.5 minutes.  Sending a email with large attachments (5 to 10 MBs), can take 20 minutes to upload.  It certainly isn’t my connection or PC, but their servers.

I have no problems at all with the sync speed with outlook.com