Outlook Categories

I am unable to sync my Outlook categories to show as Tags in eM Client. My only choice is if I had a gmail account.

Is this possible?

Unfortunately the Oulook.com server does not support this, so it is not possible.

Can this be added with the new Graph API?

Tag syncing is already supported under Exchange Web Services protocol. Unfortunately free MS accounts connecting to Outlook.com can’t use Exchange because of a restriction from Microsoft.

The Graph API will replace EWS in a couple of years. At the moment it doesn’t have the same functionality as EWS, but we will see in a couple of years when it is fully developed if it supports this, and if it is available to Free Outlook.com users.

Thank you for the quick reply.

According to Microsoft’s documentation, they already support categories in Graph.

I tried poking at the Graph API with my personal outlook.com account with the Graph Explorer, and I confirm that Graph API supports categories, even on personal outlook.com accounts.

For example, you can filter your mail with the search function:


You can also get a list of categories:

There are apparently APIs to add/delete categories as well but I didn’t experiment with that.

@Gary am I missing something? It seems like it would be possible to use Graph to add this functionality for consumer outlook.com amounts.

eM Client doesn’t use the Graph API.

Can Graph be used only to add category syncing, while continuing to use IMAP for everything else? Reason for asking is that the ability to sync categories allows me to use my outlook.com account just like a Gmail account (i.e. use labels/categories instead of folders) and unify all the messages across all accounts that share a common label (e.g. quickly surface all emails that are labeled with ‘receipts’ whether they are in a Gmail account or outlook account). This worked great until Microsoft started following through on their plans to disable basic authentication, but now dealing with those pop-ups is really annoying. I refuse to log in with 2FA because then category syncing stops working.