Outlook calender won't sync


Just started using eM Client and I am very pleased so far. However, one problem I am having is it often returns an error from Outlook saying:

xxxxxx.xxx.xxx@hotmail.com/calender failed due to the following error: (503) server unavailable’

What is this and how do I stop it? The mail folders all sync fine, I don’t really need the calender anyway so I’d be happy to stop it syncing altogether, but I can’t find an option to disable it.

Hello George, Outlook.com accounts are currently synchronized through AirSync protocol, this protocol unfortunately synchronizes all your services using the same port and communication, so it is unfortunately not possible to disable one of these services only in eM Client. However if you’re only using your email without Contacts and Calendars, you can setup the account using IMAP and SMTP as you may be used to from other mail services. This would however require to use local folders or another Contacts service for storing your Contacts.

Unfortunately this error is caused by the inability of your mail server to process the application’s request which can either be caused by the server being overloaded or it might be experiencing server downtime in case you’re seeing the message constantly.

Hope this helps.

Hello Paul, how would I go about setting it up to use IMAP and SMTP? As far as I’m aware, the automatic process already linked to Outlook using IMAP. I’m new to this so sorry if it seems a stupid question.

Also, Is there a setting I can change in Outlook which would allow the calender folder to sync? Either of the above I’d be happy with as the constant error messages on eM Client are annoying.

Hello again, the automatic setup should automatically setup an AirSync account when trying to setup an outlook.com,live.com or a hotmail.com account. You should however be able to setup the IMAP account manually.

Use these recommended settings for use with your account and setup the account in Tools > Accounts > New account, but instead of using the automatic setup, please switch to the Mail tab below and select Other.


As I suggested it is unfortunately not possible to synchronize Calendar or Contacts separately without synchronizing the Mail items through an AirSync account, we’re however working on this for upcoming releases.

Mostly a Microsoft problem but each corp wants you to use their web based mail server. Outlook web is OK but can’t IMAP anything and you cant change the large font display.

EmClient has a lot going for it but the Calendar sync problem is prohibitive so I will have to remove it. You would think you could get Air Sync to NOT ask for the Calendar as a check box as I don’t need it.

EMClient as well as all the others, do NOT handle insertion of pictures well. No ability to compress as in Outlook to minimize email size (ie 100 pic at 3MB=300MB message).

I’ve checked about 15 clients and not one does all these things correctly. If you are an Outlook user, their client Windows Live Mail does everything correctly and IMAPs well with other accounts. But in Microsoft’s wisdom they are discontinuing support and pushing Outlook.com Web based as primary.

ENClient, this is to chance to crush the completion and fix all.

Hello Dennis,
thank you for your input and feedback.
If you do not want to use the outlook calendar, you can simply set up your Outlook account as an IMAP mail account.
Just go to Tools>Accounts and under New account instead of the Automatic setup choose Mail>Other.
For IMAP settings your incoming server is imap-mail.outlook.com and outgoing is smtp-mail.outlook.com.
Setting your account up this way will not connect to the Calendar and Contacts.

As for the image compression, unfortunately, it is presumed these days that when you send a file to someone you want to keep it intact, since there are many other sites and apps that compress image sizes for you. It is seen as a feature of mail clients and apps that they keep the quality of your attachement. Sorry for the inconvenience.


OK, Paul, you’ve now had another year to work on this issue.

Is this a licensing issue with MS for EAS, or are there other reasons why you can’t include Calendar and Contacts synching with Outlook.com?

Will we have to wait for v8 (in another year or more)?

Hello Gerry,

The issue wiith AirSync was not on our side.
Microsoft discontinued the protocol without giving out much information about how their accounts should be accessed correctly, so it was quite difficult to prepare for this change. At this time, all hotmail and outlook.com adresses are being migrated to Exchange protocol. (With Microsoft claiming that all accounts should be moved by August.)

If your calendar does not work using AirSync, you can try setting up your Account as Exchnage.
To set up your account manually go to Tools>Accounts > New Account and instead of Automatic setup choose Mail>Exchange.

Version 7 also solves the issue for some users, as it no longer sets up the full account as AirSync, but combines IMAP mail with AirSync Calendars and Contact for those who can still use this protocol.


OK Olivia, my Outlook.com has now been converted to Outlook Mail (i.e., to Exchange OWA), and I have recreated my account in eM v7 to an Exchange account using https://outlook.office365.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx .

My mail and contacts are working properly using Offline Address Book & EWS as the services, but no calendar item created in eM will sync with my Outlook Calendar. For example, an event created from an .ics file received won’t sync.

What do I do now?