Outlook Calendar


I am using outlook with a normal office abonnement. I first install the outlook konto with the automatic function. It will work, but there are syncinc problems, if I change date of birth for example.
Then I use XChange option. This will also work (my outlook konto is moved to the new plattform), but now there ist missung the calendar of birthday. It ist still in Outlook 2016, but em don’t show it to me :frowning:

So, with the first synching is not perfect for all contact details, with the second I miss the birthdays.

Sorry, but my english is not the best.

Ralf Borutta

Another problem: If I use the automatic function for creating the konto, the birthdays of the contacts are 1 day less. Example: Birthday 7.5.1966 in Outlook is 6.5.1966 in em. This happend for all contacts with birthday :frowning:

Hello Ralf,
we’ll need log to better analyze the issue.

To set up logs go to Menu>Tools>Settings>Advanced.
Enable EWS/AirSync logging depending on your setup.
Restart eM Client.
Go to Calendar/Contact and right-click your account name.
Choose properties>Repair.
Run the repair.
When the resynchronization finishes, go back to Advanced settings and click ‘Send logs’.
Change the recipient to rust@emclient.com and add a link to this forum thread.

Thanks, but the problem is solved. MS changed a lot with outlook.com At the moment, if you creat a new contact MS create a entry in birthday calendar (only used bei MS products) and(!!) in the normal calendar, wich works fine with em :slight_smile:

I use the XChange account and at the moment, everything works fine :slight_smile: