Outlook Calendar not appearing

Hello, I have just downloaded and installed eM client. While the mail aspect works perfect, my calendar is not appearing at all. When I click Calendar it states ‘this folder contains no items to display’.

I have set up my hotmail account through the automatic setup, and using the outlook selection, neither way works.

Any help would be great.

I have also noticed that the contacts are not synced either.

Fixed. I had Spybot anti beacon installed and discovered that with this disabled the sync works fine.

Hello Tristan,
glad to hear everything is fine now and thank you for sharing your solution on the forum.


I have the same issue without Spybot anti beacon installed,

Could you please assist?

I posted a similar question 4 days ago with no response, I am not even sure these forums are monitored anymore…

Yadin - I suggest asking Tristan for the solution, though I suspect that he added eM Client to exceptions so that Spybot could not block it.

Brookmore - we do monitor the forums, but we may be less active if PRO users need more of our time and we cannot guarantee that your thread will be reacted to right away, especially if the problem is already resolved in other threads (and if you post on the weekend).