Outlook calendar and contacts not syncing

My mail works (relatively) fine, but my calendar and contacts aren’t syncing. I’m not getting an error message; it’s just that nothing happens.

Are you by chance using the IMAP protocol?  With Outlook.com (I assume that’s your email provider), while IMAP wil generally sync your email, it will not sync calendars and contacts.

You will need to set up the account as Exchange.  Unfortunately, you can’t change the account type, you will have to set it up as a new account and delete the old one.

If you use office import your .pst file . It will import everything.

Dave, I think this thread was about syncing eM Client with Outlook.com calendars and contacts, and not the MS Outlook application.

If you setup an Outlook.com account in eM Client, there are two options. Using Automatic Setup, you will get IMAP/SMTP for messages and AirSync for calendar and contacts. The other option is to setup the account as Exchange, which will use EWS for syncing. It used to be that EWS was more reliable in previous versions of eM Client, and it certainly has more functionality, but in recent testing I have found that AirSync seems to behaving quite well.

But if your account is setup as IMAP and it is not syncing the calendar and contacts, it is still worth trying the Exchange route.

Hi Gary, I understand that. All I did to import my contacts into em Client is use the import file option. It doesn’t solve the problem which I see has been going on for awhile. Just a work around.

I first added as an POP3, removed it, then added as Exchange.  Still not getting Cal/Contacts/Tasks.

The protocol that is added when you install as Exchange will provide any services that the server offers. Maybe yours does not offer these. Who is your Exchange provider Delacombo?

Can you confirm when you go to Menu > Tools > Accounts that you do in fact have an EWS service for that account.