Outlook authentication problem continues

The fix provided 5 months ago did work.  Then eM client was updated and it started again.  The problem is, there’s no authentication blank on the account, so I can’t enter the password.
When I try to overlay the fix version I receive a message showing that a newer version is installed, so install stops running.  The same thing happens when I try repair.
My next step is to try to get eMClient to go back to the earlier version through Windows.  Changing the current release to incorporate the fix seems more direct.
I hope this can be resolved soon.

Can you please provide a link to the fix you mentioned?

Here’s the link to the link:

Thanks for that. 

There is no password option when the account is setup as IMAP as it uses the 0Auth process. You can change your Outlook/Microsoft password on their website and eM Client will work regardless. That is partly the purpose of 0Auth. To revoke the certificate you need to login to your Microsoft account and change the app access.

If you remove eM Client from your Microsoft account, the next time eM Client syncs, it will go through the 0Auth process again where you enter your username and password. That is a one-time thing until you revoke access again.

The fixed version of eM Client mentioned in the announcement link you provided is an older version than the current one available to download from the Release History. The current version should have the fix, so you can also try that if it happens again.

But if you want to use the older version in the fix announcement, first uninstall eM Client, then you can install the older version.

I think I might have solved the problem,
The server names were wrong in the eMClient settings.  I found the correct ones here:
I changed the server name; the ports seemed to be okay.  I also changed the Security settings to use …TLS if available.
Somehow the hotmail account updated without a request for password.
I don’t know if this will keep working or if it will help anyone else.  But it is progress.