Outlook and CSV Import

I would like to switch to eM 3 but have had nothing but trouble trying to import from Outlook (Outlook 2003 in Windows 7). Have tried Outlook Import several times but process hangs for hours and I must end task. I did research and decided problem might be with Windows 7 permission but fixing that does nothing. Then I tried to import Contacts from .csv file. eM took me through this and said Contacts were successfully imported but nothing appears in Contacts Folder (which is where I imported to. I then uninstalled and reinstalled eM, tried all the importing again, with the sameresult. Now I am really exasperated!!

I had similar problem, until I have realised that I need to “tick” address book square (below local folders in contacts) for them to appear :slight_smile:
Maybe this is your problem as well?

Yes, I found the same issue, but you need to ‘tick’ boxes on the import CSV file to tell EM Client which heading relates to what. This could be functionally improved in a newer release.

You are indeed correct Dave, however what is really annoying, is that some of the headings are not avaialable, even though they do exist in eM Clent - for example no notes to select so you loose all of them.
Also you need to tick address book in a local folder to display all imported contacts.

Make a suggestion to the team for improvement?

Well … yes, but there are so many other things that need improving :slight_smile: that I wouldn’t want to distract them :wink: