Outlook 2010 Calendar and Contacts

I am new to eM Client and I am finding it difficult.

I am used to Outlook 2010 and eM Client seems to be quite similar (I like folder based things), unfortunately, after importing Outlooks .PST files I can’t see my Contacts and Calendars. I can see a folder that says Contacts but there are no contacts to view and there is no other folders to choose from can you help?

I am using eM Client 8 and, being an older member, I didn’t grow up with computers.

I have attached a print view shot of my Contacts folder.

Go to Menu > Settings > General, and tick Show Local Folders.

Then in the calendar and contacts section, make sure the Local Folders Contacts/Calendar is ticked and you have highlighted the section as in this screenshot:


See if that makes any difference.

I’ve looked at Menu > Settings > General > Show Local Folders and it is already checked, but just to make sure I unchecked it, saved changes and then rechecked it and saved changes again to put me back to square one.

Looking at your image I don’t see Gmail or Local folders just the one Contacts folder which is empty

Yes, the Gmail folder will not be there unless you have added a Gmail account to eM Client. :wink:

Maybe try the import again.

Go to Menu > File > Import > Microsoft Outlook, then select Import Selected Folders and choose only the Contacts and Calendar sections.


See if that makes any difference.

SORTED but slightly different from your instructions. This is what I had to do;

Menu > File > Import > choose .PST > Next > Select PST file and Open > Next > Under Importing drop down menu uncheck all but the Contacts folder > Next > choose Import data to a specific folder > Select the folder Contacts > OK > Finish.

I then did the same for calendars.

Thanks for your help Gary.

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