Outlook 2007 incomplete email import to eM Client

Hi- on a new eM set up, only one month of emails have been imported into the All Inboxes folder, instead of the one year of email in the Outlook 2007 folder from which the import was taken. Can you please help ? Thanks. David

Hi David, how did you import your data into eM Client, did you use the import accounts or the import data from a selected PST file option when using the import from Microsoft outlook feature in eM Client?

Thank you,

Hi Paul

Thanks. I used the import accounts as part of the set up routine. Not all the Outlook folders were imported. It’s as if the eM system stopped importing automatically in the different folders at various stages in the folder import process… Is it advisable to run the import wizard again? David

Hi again David, the option to import your accounts only imports your account settings but does not import any local data for this account, such import will re-setup the account in eM Client and download the available content from the server.

If you want to import the local data from eM client, please use the “import data from a selected pst file” and navigate to your PST file that contains the data for this account.

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Thanks, Paul. The account settings imported perfectly. All the emails in the various folders did not. Should I re-establish the account again and try to import all the folders and their emails and if so, can you please let me know how I do this? David

Hi again David, as I previously suggested account import is not supposed to import your data from Outlook, but only account settings, if you want to import your data, use the “import data from a selected pst file” option.
No need to re-setup the account as data import also does not import your account, but only the data from selected folders.


Thanks, Paul. I have reimported the Outlook PST folders. This seems to have worked to pull in the missing emails and folders. It has resulted in duplication of some emails. Any ideas on how to deal with this? David

Hi again David, glad it works, you should also be able to remove the duplicates by using the Deduplicator tool in Tools > Deduplicator. Select the folder you want to check and setup the deduplicator to either remove or merge the duplicates.

Hope this helps,