Outlook 2000

I notice that, in Features, Outlook 2000 is not shown in the list of Outlook versions for which an import facility exists. I am keen to import the whole of my Outlook 2000 into eM Client and use this instead of Outlook in the future. Is it possible to import data from Outlook 2000?

we don’t support that version any more, we cannot guarantee positive result but you can try it. Or you can export your Outlook data to some other file formats eM Client supports. In some (near) future version there will be also .pst import available.

Thanks. I have just tried to import directly from Outlook 2000 but, as you suspected, it didn’t work. Therefore it would appear my options are

  1. Wait for a later verion of eM Client that might have an Outlook 2000 import facility, or
  2. Download a trial version of Outlook 2010, import the Outlook 2000 into that then import the Windows 2010 data into eM Client.
    I assume that producing a csv file from Outlook 2000 would be of no use to eM Client. If it were that simple, eM Client could simply convert the pst files in flight.

We support .csv import. I recommend also to try to use Outlook 2010 which is fully supported by eM Client.