Outgoing mails are going to the archive-folder instead of sending them

Sometimes… like 10% of the time when replying to mails the mail will NOT beeing send.
The mail will be saved in the archive folder.

It seems that this happens when I replied to mails and then hit the button to archive the message.

The problem is… the outgoing mail is archived and NOT beeing send.
How can I solve the problem? I generally want that every email where I reply to… will be send. (like everyone else likes to have it work lik this) :slight_smile:

Wait until the message has been sent, only then archive the Sent folder message. :wink:


I hate it when iam faster then my computer works.

Also I need to check hundreds of messages which are not sent.
Not good if you need to make business with sending mails when they never reach the destination.