Outgoing Mail Displays ISP (Virgin Media) Logo

Is there any way to disable it? Thanks.

When composing an email, do you see the logo in you new mail window?

Thanks for the reply. The answer is no - i see it when i open - say - an mail to myself or emails in my ‘sent’ folder. I also see various logos in all (i think) the mails sent to me - on the left of the ‘from’ and ‘to’ information at the top left of the emails. Most are just the initials of the sender.

OK, I understand. These are called avatars.

What happens when you receive an email, eM Client tries to find an avatar that matches the sender’s email address. Depending on your settings (Menu > Tools > Settings > Contacts) it will display the registered avatar from e.g. Google or Gravatar, or it will display a monogram (sender’s initials) or a silhouette, or the photo you have assigned in Contacts. If an avatar for their individual address is not registered, it can display the domain avatar. In this case virgin.net.

You will see these same settings applied to your sent emails, but these are not seen by the recipient of your email, unless they are using an email client like eM Client that displays avatars. It is not that these are being attached to your outgoing emails. It is just the way emails are displayed within a particular email client.

Does that make sense?

Gary gave an excellent answer, but I would also like to add that if you choose to disable Downloading of avatars from external sources in Menu > Tools > Settings > Contacts you will still see the avatars that were already downloaded.
To clear the downloaded images you will need to clear eM Client’s Avatar cache memory in C:\Users_%your windows profile%\AppData\Local\eM Client. _Delete any data here when eM Client is closed.

But as mentioned by Gary - these are just avatars how you see them, your recipients might not see them the same way if they use a different email client or webmail.

Thanks very much Gary for a clear and comprehensive reply. I can just about get my head round that. I assumed it had nothing to do with contacts as i don’t tend to use that feature. I would have replied earlier but shut firefox - with my reply written - when i meant to close an emclient window!

This is liable to happen with multiple windows open and no title bar on an application open on top of a larger window. I mention it because lack of title bar is about the only beef i have with emclient so far, tho’ i’ve no doubt i’ll have a few more queries before i’m used to it.

Thanks again for all the replies.

The title bar is there, it just doesn’t take on the colour set in Windows settings.

Sure, i know there’s a bit at the top you can use to drag the window. I guess i should have said a title bar that you can see :slight_smile: