Outgoing Attachments & Paragraph Marker

Hi - I would like to attach an item to an outgoing email such as an email message but am unable to do so. I would also know if it is possible to turn on a Paragraph marker as used in Outlook etc. I would appreeciate any help or guidance. Many thanks - Bruce

Unfortunately, it is not possible.

I always find the paragraph marker as used in MS programs very useful but I can’t complain as eM Client is a great program and I enjoy using it. I would like to be able to select and attach emails to outgoing messages as in Outlook. Perhaps this could be a further design update. Thank you - Bruce

if you want to attach an email message to outgoing email you can simply use drag and drop, or Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V - it should work without any problems.

George - thank you so much - simple and easy - I should have thought of it. Your help is very much appreciated - Bruce