Outdated payment gateway partner. Payproglobal.com

I want to buy your license. But it looks like you have tied up with some cheap 3rd party payment partner https://store.payproglobal.com/.

This company has no 2FA authentication for credit and debit card payments and cannot work globally. They are using age-old technology where you type the card number and boom… anyone can debit your card any number of times. In India, we need second-factor authentication as an SMS code(OTP) to the mobile number. Their site is not redirecting for authentication to card company. How to buy the license.

That is a secure webpage, but as your not happy with the way it works, suggest to then email [email protected] for assistance.

Do you know this payproglobal company? You didn’t get the issue. It does not support the 2FA OTP required for credit card online transactions, which is a compliance policy in India. And because of this, we cannot pay using this outdated site. And yes, I have written to [email protected]. I will wait for their response and update here the solution.

Hi Sameer, Thank you for your interest in eM Client!

There seems to be a slight misunderstanding about the payment security options and how it works. I’ll try to explain more in detail:

Paypro Global is a PCI Level 1 DSS certified entity, which is the highest security level for online merchants. This means that they meet all payment and data security standards, and the security of the purchase data is not compromised. This certification is renewed every year by an independent third party accredited by the payment authorities worldwide. This also means that they are required to implement, maintain, and enforce all industry security standards.

There is no 2FA for purchases, I think what you mean here is the 3DS service. 3dsecure is an additional security measure (but not mandatory or required everywhere in the world, e.g. EU requires it to be enabled for international transactions, but it is not required globally). 3DS is not currently enabled for our store in India, since India does not require it for non-domestic purchases. But that does not mean that the purchase is not secure, your card cannot be debited numerous times from the purchase made via PayPro, thanks to the other security measures that are followed. We are considering adding 3DS in more countries where it’s needed, but the analysis of which countries might be high-risk and need this additional layer of protection is currently in progress.

We would not choose a payment partner that would not follow the required security worldwide, as the safety of our customers is very important to us.
I hope this explanation helps, if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected]

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Hi Olivia

Thanks for explaining in detail. But you should talk to your partner. They will not work in India. The Indian regulations require 3DS or SMS code to be punched after clicking pay. All International transactions or domestic will need it. The Visa/Master/Amex issuing card banks will not validate cards just based on number, expiry & CVV. It is successful only after the SMS code as 2nd factor authentication. So no card will work on this site. It’s not for you to decide if 3DS is required or not. Its on the bank that decides Its a mandatory step in India. Apart from this, there is now a requirement of the tokenisation of cards for recurring transactions. The user has full control to stop auto-debits, which is not possible in USA until you fight with Bank.