Outbox error

I am getting an error - “There is one or more message in outbox waiting to be sent” while closing the em client. How to navigate to the outbox in em client?

Hi, you can right click smart folders and display smart Outbox for all the accounts, or each separate account should have an outbox folder if you’re using IMAP.
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Yeah I am getting that same error, but NOTHING is in my outbox.

Hi Jeffrey, do you have the global inbox displayed in eM Client?
If not can you right click the smart folders and select Display > Outbox, if there’s a hidden message under your account that might be causing this issue?

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I had the same problem and it was a message in the outbox.  I enabled Smart Folders via the Tools -> Settings -> Enable Smart Folders and then deleted the email from my outbox.

The help file indicated that the right clicking an account should show a Display option. This was not the case with my version. 

To enable Smart Folders the path is now Tools > Settings > General > General. Enable “Show Smart Folders.”

Hello Eugene, I was referring to an option that’s available when Smart folders are already enabled, when enabled, you can select which smart mailboxes/folders you’d like to use by selecting them in their display menu.

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