out of office automatic reply to my clients?

any know how to set this up?

I know this works with GMail, not sure about others.

Menu > Tools > Automatic replies

Fill in the pop-up window and click OK.

This updates the GMail Out of Office notification.

Also works for Exchange

there is nothing under tools for automatic replies

we dont have that.  

So apparently this feature was not supported prior to version 7. Then initially it was only supported on Exchange. However, I now use it on GMail with the latest release, and it works fine.

What is your version of eM Client?


It appears that your email server does not support out of office, as the option is only available if the server supports it.

Were you using this function before in eM Client?
What email server are you using?

I believe only Gmail and Exchange are supported and Gmail only in 7.1.

I believe you are right. :slight_smile: