ost files

How to import *.ost files from outlook 2013


This is a feature that is present in V7 Beta, downloadable here: http://www.emclient.com/dist/v7.0.248…

If you want to stay with V6, you will have to wait for the final V7 release.


I’ve downloaded the dist/v7.0.248… and tried to Import my *.ost file but it only gives me the option for *.pst files still. How do I import ost details? Please advise.

importing OST files directly is not supported and we do not plan to have this option in the future.
OST files are primarily meant for offline storage of data to later synchronize with the server. As such, data in a single file could be incomplete.
However, if you choose the option to Import data from Microsoft Outlook>Import whole accounts , the data will be loaded from both PST and OST files available.