original email is deleted when a reply is deleted

I’m having at least three problems since upgrading to eMail Client 7. Two are serious and one is highly annoying.

When replying to, or forwarding emails, the original and any subsequent replies or forwards are only available by my having to click on a series of dots; the previous text is simply not visible unless I do so. This is highly annoying.

The two serious issues are 1) Attachments are deleted and gone forever whenever the email is forwarded or replied to, and 2) If a reply or forward in a thread is deleted, the entire email chain is deleted. Neither of these issues happened in v6, nor in any other email program I’ve ever used before.

I see the same happening to my emails. I may what to keep the first in a chain, but want to delete 1 of the post, but as you say all is gone. Wish someone would give us both an answer.

Hello Randy,

eM Client 7 has a new feature called Conversations which groups together message that share a subject. In your case, the Conversations are enabled both in the Message list and in the Message Detail. Conversations in Message list are the reason why the whole ‘e-mail chain’ deletes, because you can’t select an individual message. Conversations in Message Detail are the reason why you have to click on the dots to see the previous conversations (because if the conversations in Message Detail are turned on, the premise is that you will scroll up if you want to look at older e-mails). If you go to Menu -> View -> Conversations - > and choose Disable Conversations, the settings should be to your liking.

As for the attachment issue - do you mean that if you click on reply or forward, attachments in the original e-mail get deleted?


Hello Joan,

Please see the reply below. Go to Menu -> View -> Conversations - > and choose Disable Conversations.