Original Email Attachments not showing in Replied Messages EMClient V7.0.27943.0

I recently upgraded to EMClient V7.0.27943.0 and when i reply to messages that have attachments included, (only the original text shows) in the replied sent emails ?

In the Settings / Mail / Replied and Forwards section, its set on (Include and Indent Original Message) which I presume Include would mean Text and Attachments, but doesn’t seem to include the attachments.

However if i Forward the same email, (it does) include the Text and Attachments, so something in the Reply that is not including the original attachments.

I finally found an EMClient Forum link on this problem from another user 2 years ago which basically says “the reply generates more traffic”. (see end post below)

Now that’s crazy as there is no problem with traffic at all. The only thing is that upload speeds (for most isp’s) are generally slower. ISP’s don’t care if you send attachments with replies.

It doesn’t cost you more or generate anymore traffic to send email attachments than it is to download email attachments. Uploads are allways counted towards your total monthly downloads anyway.

EMClient needs to have any other option either in Settings / Mail Reply and Forwarding section to Eg: (Include Original Attachments and Text) all the time if required, or a (Dropdown arrow) next to the Reply button to do the same. Its very weird to press forwarding to reply with attachments.


 Paul - Technical Support, Employee

To include attachments, use forward instead, replies drop attachments as existing conversation has already received the attachment and submitting it again with each reply generates more traffic.

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